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  • Our Cooperative Program

    Of the 7 billion people in the world today, it’s estimated fewer than 20 percent know
    Jesus as Savior. The world’s lostness reminds us of the Great Commission’s
    importance, but what can you – one person – do? What can your church – a single
    congregation – accomplish? Read More

  • MY316 Resources

  • Pastor Cluster

    Pastor Cluster Groups are regionally-based mentoring networks designed to empower pastors in developing healthy churches which increasingly impact their communities for Christ. The clusters involve a group of 7-12 pastors meeting monthly for six months for training, networking, spiritual development, and encouragement. Cluster groups are led by effective pastor practitioners. Read More

  • Prayer Request Form

  • Find a Church

    There are more than 420 churches in the Northwest Baptist Convention which worship in 17 different languages. The churches are small and large, rural and urban, traditional and contemporary. Some churches have their own buildings, some share facilities with other churches, and others meet in rented public facilities.All of these different dynamics can make locating the right church a challenge. We want to help. You can find a list of churches by city and state by searching the church directory.

    You can also get more customized information directly from us by contacting us with your questions about churches in a particular area. Contact Lola Bowen for more information. Please click here.

  • Find a Pastor

  • NWBC 2017 Annual – Full

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