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NWBC pastor clusters are regionally-based coaching networks designed to empower pastors in developing healthy churches. Clusters involve a group of 7-12 pastors meeting monthly for encouragement, training and networking. Clusters are led by pastors of growing churches.

TOPIC: This year, the learning topic in most clusters* will be biblical hospitality— the front porch of the gospel (aka guest services, assimilation, connections ministry) We will discuss and discover how we can better show hospitality to our guests so their hearts are softened to the message of the gospel.

* Exceptions will be in the Beaverton, OR, cluster led by Boris Alfaro, the Burlington, WA, cluster led by David Gass.

The topics for the Beaverton and Burlington clusters are: Accelerating your personal growth • Turning guests into growing members • Designing life-changing services • Reaching more people for Christ • Turning guests into extravagant givers • Developing effective small groups • Multiplying and growing volunteers

Locations and Dates (subject to change):

NOTE: The Spokane, WA, cluster’s November meeting date has been changed to November 1.

Six monthly sessions meeting from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Lunch included. Check the information on a location for specific start dates.

The cost is $125 per participant. When purchasing a “ticket” below to reserve your spot in a Pastor Cluster, please indicate in the accompanying “Order Notes” box which cluster location/leader you plan to attend. The “ticket” is your registration.

For more information contact Joe Flegal, at or 360.882.2121.

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