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NORTHWEST IMPACT is an annual mission offering that extends and equips the partnership of Northwest Baptist Convention churches for the spiritual transformation of Oregon, Washington and north Idaho. Formally known as the Sylvia Wilson Mission Offering, the Northwest Impact theme seeks to multiply the cooperative mission efforts of about 500 Northwest Baptist churches through church planting, leadership development of pastors and ministry staff, Disaster Relief ministries that offer people help and hope in the midst of crisis, sharing Christ’s love with children through Vacation Bible Schools and other outreach projects, evangelism among special groups such as college students and helping churches make an impact in our neighborhoods and among the nations.

The offering typically accompanies a Week of Prayer in which churches can pray specifically together for the supported ministries. The printed materials for the Week of Prayer are undated so that your church can use it when it is best for you. Historically, churches observe the Week of Prayer during the second week of September and collect the offering during the remaining Sundays in September.


ALLOCATIONS for Northwest Impact’s 2019 offering are:

Church planting, $60,000

Collegiate Ministry, $16,000

Leadership Development (Oasis), $16,000

Evangelism, $8,000

Disaster Relief, $5,000

VBS/children’s evangelism, $5,000

Promotion Support, $10,000

Northwest Impact 2019 Promotional Resources (PRINT):

To Download Click on link below and save .jpg or .pdf files to your desktop:

Northwest Impact Inserts and Poster (PDF):


NW Impact Poster 2019

NW Impact bulletin insert 2019

NW Impact 11 inch flier 2019



Download individual Northwest Impact promotional videos directly from the NWBC’s Vimeo channel to use during your church’s worship gatherings or in other forums used to help church members participate in this important offering. The individual links are below for viewing. (To download individual videos, click on the video’s title at the top or on the video’s VIMEO graphic in its lower right corner):





Below are videos used for the 2018 offering.

Northwest Impact – Evangelism

Northwest Impact – Church Planting


Northwest Impact – Disaster Relief


2017 NORTHWEST IMPACT Missions Offering videos are also archived on our Vimeo video channel at:

Northwest Impact 2018 Promotional Resources (PRINT):

To Download Click on link below and save .jpg or .pdf files to your desktop:

Northwest Impact Inserts and Poster (PDF):

NW-Impact-2018-Prayer-Guide REVISED

NW Impact Prayer Guide 2 sided on 11by17 (REVISED)

NW Impact 2018 Poster

The following JPG files are available to assist with local church promotion efforts.

Northwest Impact Logo:




Northwest Impact Slide:

Northwest Impact Slide (Wide Format):



If your church wants to highlight the role of Northwest pioneer missions leader Sylvia Wilson during the offering promotion campaign, the following photo and resources may help:

Sylvia Wilson Fact Sheet

Sylvia Wilson Preschool & Children’s Booklet

Sylvia Wilson

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