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Asia Partnership

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NWBC churches partner with international workers in Asia to “glorify God by sharing Christ, making disciples, and equipping and releasing strategic partners, so that we can saturate the region with the gospel and reproducing churches.” The strategic partnership is part of seeking to reach 1.67 billion Asian people. The NWBC and the international affinity group work together to help your church “Embrace the Ends of the Earth” and push back the darkness to advance the gospel of God’s kingdom among one or more of these Asian population groups.



Partial scholarships of $500 each are available for college students. Also pastors who are traveling as a first time participant in an Asia Service Opportunity are qualified.

East Asia Scholarship Application Instructions

East Asia Scholarship Reference Form

Scholarship application

Saundra Smith Memorial Scholarship


Sheila Allen serves as the Asia Service Opportunity Team Coordinator




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