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Volunteer Coordinators
As Volunteer Coordinators we are responsible for the ministry of Volunteerism within the Northwest Baptist Convention.

This covers areas such as but not limited to Mission Service Corps, Missions on Short Term, VBS, BYBC, Sojourners, World Changers, Campers on Mission and Youth Group projects.

Our task is bringing needs and volunteers together. This is accomplished by the recruitment of volunteers within the Northwest Baptist Convention and through the North American Mission Board. We then match needs received from local churches with the abilities and desires of the volunteer. Through these efforts many ministries can be accomplished with limited funding.

To get your need(s) published on this list and through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) you must submit a Service Opportunity Request (SOR) to this office. We will then process the request and sent it to NAMB where it will be publicized through their publications. We publish a “Needs List” each quarter and mail to more than four hundred addresses. Your need(s) will be published on the NAMB web page as well as this web page.

  • For all ministry needs please contact us!
  • For more involved construction projects please contact: Jerry Kanzler at (360)882-2109 or us at the number listed below.
  • For your constructions needs please click here.
  • For more information please contact: Northwest Baptist Convention 3200 N.E. 109th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98682-7749 (360)882-2100

You can be a Missions Volunteer by being on mission through:

Mission Service Corps (MSC) requires serving 4 months to 2 years giving 20 hours minimum per week and be self funded. Must be 18 years of age minimum.

  • Traditional MSC volunteers are self funded either through retirement or raise their financial support
  • Tent Maker MSC Volunteers works in secular employment for financial support while giving 20 hours per week in ministry

Missions On Short Term (M.O.S.T.) Serve 1 week or longer in a non-construction ministry and be self funded. Must be 18 years of age minimum.

Campers OnMission a Christian camper group involved in short term projects that are family friendly.

Construction working on church projects, either building new buildings or renovating existing buildings.

Special Projects Other Than Summer (S.P.O.T.S.) Students doing projects other than summer semester assignments.

Jr/Sr High Students involved in World Changers, Sojourners or Youth Groups on mission.

Being a volunteer in any of these positions….

  • Requires a call from God to be on mission
  • Does not have to be dramatic
  • It just needs to be heard and acted upon

How to get personally involved:

Send your name, address, phone, church membership, vocational skill and indicate your interest in participating in long-term, short-term, tentmaker, college ministry, student ministry or other. Also indicate your desire to serve at home, in your state, Northwest, United States, or Overseas.

Send above information to:
Volunteer Office
Northwest Baptist Convention
3200 E 109th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682-7749

Request Volunteer
You may request volunteers for your church in several broad areas of needs. Some of the more requested volunteers are in the field of church strengthening, Youth ministry, worship/music leadership, pastor, age level leaders/workers, camp workers, homeless ministry, VBS teams, youth groups for BYBC, building caretakers, education ministry, survey team(s), church starters, truckstop chaplain, outreach/evangelism, senior adult ministry and many others.

For further information and correct form to request these volunteers on please contact:

Volunteer Office
Northwest Baptist Convention
3200 NE 109th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98682-7749

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