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We welcome your interest in serving in the Northwest!

The Northwest Baptist Convention is a regional network of 450 churches in Washington, Oregon, and northern Idaho. The churches have a variety of styles (traditional, innovative, contemporary, ethnic) and minister to people groups speaking multiple languages.

The Northwest is a beautiful part of the United States with coastal beaches, the Coastal and Cascade Mountains, hundreds of waterfalls, high desert and semi-arid lands teeming with huge wheat fields and orchards. Seattle and Portland, two cosmopolitan cities with combined metropolitan populations over 5 million people, form a gateway to the Pacific Rim.

Northwest people have a deep appreciation for the natural resources and beauty of the region. The environment is the number one political and cultural issue in the Northwest. Northwester people are very spiritual, but not very interested in traditional churches or denominations. Only about 30 percent of the population profess any specific religious affiliation. About 17 percent claim to be secularists, the highest percentage in any region in the nation. New age, eastern, and hybrid religions abound and prosper.

Diversity is a significant cultural goal in the Northwest. The most important cultural value is tolerance. The Northwest has been described as a “post Christian” culture. Because of its lack of a predominant Christian tradition, it might also be called a “never Christian” culture. There is little reference to God or the gospel as an influence in public life.

While some Christians from other parts of the country find this climate unsettling, others discover in it a wide open mission field. We invite you to serve the Lord here with us.

Personal Information Form is a four page document and you may either print it off and mail it or complete it online and email it.

This form is used by churches in search of a pastor or staff position to be filled. Simply print it out, fill it in, and mail your completed form to:
Northwest Baptist Convention
Attn: Denise Harvey
3200 NE 109th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98682-7749

Email Address:

The forms received are passed on to regional NWBC staff and associations. They will give the forms to the churches in need upon request.

For more information on coming to the Northwest as a pastor contact Denise Harvey at 360-882-2105.

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