Northwest Baptist Convention


Pastor Clusters


NWBC pastor clusters are regionally-based coaching networks designed to empower pastors in developing healthy churches. Clusters involve a group of 7-12 pastors meeting monthly for encouragement, training and networking. Clusters are led by pastors of growing churches.


  • Managing the Tensions of Ministry
  • Life-Transforming Weekend services
  • Effective Preaching
  • Defining and Developing Discipleship
  • Developing Leaders
  • Community Engagement
  • From Addition to Multiplication


  • Bothell, WA – Ryan Harkey
  • Eugene, OR – Barry Campbell
  • Medford, OR – Paul Tiffee
  • Renton, WA – Lance Caddel
  • Salem, OR (Hispanic) – Boris Alfaro
  • Spokane, WA – Mike Freeman
  • Tri-Cities – Dustin Hall
  • Vancouver, WA – Keith Evans

Clusters begin in October and have seven monthly sessions meeting from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and include lunch

In addition to the cluster locations above, an online cluster will also be available (details pending).

The cost is $125 per participant.

For more information contact Joe Flegal, at or 360.882.2121.

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