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2021 NWBC Budget Summary (PDF), recommended by the NWBC Executive Board and approved by messengers to the 2020 NWBC annual meeting: 2021 NWBC Budget

2019 NWBC Financial Statements from Audit Report: NWBC Financial Statements 12.31.19

2019 NWBC Governance Letter from Audit Report: NWBC Governance Letter 12.31.19


Business Services 
Business Services offers several free services to our churches besides their regular responsibilities to the convention. These services include offsite accounting services (see details below), consultations about accounting software, fielding questions about IRS laws and requirements for the local church, general accounting questions and more.

Offsite Accounting Services offers fee-based payroll, bookkeeping, contribution recording for NWBC churches as well as set up of church accounting systems for new churches and existing churches. They can assist your church with all of your accounting needs or just part of them. Email Pamela or Dondi to get a quote and see what pieces would best fit with your church. If you think in won’t be affordable then you haven’t talked to us. Prices start at $50 per month.

This is a partnership ministry between the NW Baptist Foundation and the NW Baptist Convention.

Pamela Brock – Business Manager, 360-882-2104

Dondi Harmon – Bookkeeper, 360-882-2107

(Compiled by Northwest Baptist Convention Administrative Services Team)

The following contacts are intended to help you obtain information and resources in administering your church in the areas of tax, legal, insurance, retirement, and compensation issues: – Guidestone Financial Resources
At this site you can obtain information regarding the Church Annuity Plan and insurance programs offered by the SBC. Insurance offered includes life, medical, dental, disability and long-term care. Once you reach the AB web page, by clicking on the “Resources” button you can download a number of useful publications including:

1) Planning Financial Support of Ministers and Church Employees
2) Minister’s Tax Guide
3) Federal Reporting Requirements for SBC Churches
4) SBC Compensation Study

COMPENSATION SURVEY – GuideStone Financial Services

View results of the latest compensation and congregational data from more than 6,890 full-time survey respondents. A complete employee benefits package includes retirement plans and insurance coverage.

The Compensation Planning Guide is helpful in establishing a compensation package for your pastor. It speaks to the best way for the church to help the pastor maximize tax benefits.

Compensation Planning Guide – Christian Copyright Licensing International
This company issues church copyright licenses providing permission to copy form over 150,000 songs for congregation use. Enables a church to make overhead transparencies or show video cassettes or CDs. – Church Mutual Insurance
This company insures over 70,000 churches in the U.S. They offer property, liability, and workers comp coverages as well as clergy homeowners/tenants insurance. From the site you can download a number of excellent booklets on different aspects of church risk management.

Oregon Department of Revenue
Contact point for OR income tax withholding, OR state unemployment tax, etc. If you are beginning a church in Oregon, you will need to register as an OR employer. The form to register called the Combined Employer’s Registration from may be downloaded under the “tax forms” category. – Guidestone Financial Resources
Regular business Property and Casualty insurance is fine, if you’re a regular business. But your calling is special – so you need something special. Guidestone designed its P&C Program just for ministries. Now, it’s even stronger by partnering with one of the nation’s leading church insurance companies, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. – Internal Revenue Service
Numerous IRS forms, instructions, and publications are available at this site. You may view them on-line or download them. Publications of special interest to churches include: – WA Dept of Labor and Industry
Washington churches must obtain their workers compensation insurance from the State of Washington. – Lifeway, SBC
Southern Baptists literature and church resources. – Instant Insurance Quote Center
This is a useful site for obtaining insurance rate quotes from a number of different companies. Many types of insurance are available such as medical, dental, life, auto, homeowners, etc.– Southern Baptist Convention – Washington Secretary of State
If you wish to incorporate your church in the State of Washington or wish to check on your corporate status, this is the site to visit.– Secretary of State
If you are starting a church and want information about incorporating in Oregon or information regarding Oregon tax laws or Oregon workers compensation insurance, begin here.

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