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This web site seeks to promote student ministry that impacts the lives of teenagers, youth leaders, and youth parents, realizing that youth are not just the church of tomorrow, but also the church of today.

You will discover helpful resources and events that can enrich and impact the lives of teenagers for Christ, train the leaders and challenge the parents.

It is our desire to serve and help. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.

Small Group Bible Studies
Student small group bible studies are much more than just an hour on Sunday morning. It's about helping teenagers get involved in Bible Study that exposes them to the Truth of God's Word - Truth that has the power to change how they think ... how they act ... and how they live. To help bring about this kind of change, Lifeway offers resources designed to help students grow and there are a multitude of creative choices.

To help you decide which curriculum or combinations of curriculum will be best for the teenagers in your church, please visit Lifeway's web site at or call 800.458.2772.

The Best model for student ministry can be found in Jesus Christ Himself. The pattern He used over three years of earthly ministry is completely relevant today. He placed primary emphasis on working with a small group of twelve. That is almost always where real growth takes place.

Sure, Jesus took time for a few big events. But He was always committed to helping the twelve grow as disciples with teaching that was balanced and comprehensive.

For multiple discipleship resources that will change your teenagers toward spiritual strength, a walk with God, in sight into spiritual principles, and decision making skills and last a lifetime, call 800-458-2772 or click on

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Student Mission Trip 2015
A week long camp experience for youth grades 7-12 which challenges students
Students meeting at their school flagpole to pray—for their school, friends, teachers, government, and nation
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