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Gary Irby
Director Church Planting Resources


Only about 30% of the Northwest population professes any religious affiliation. About 17% of the population claim to be secularist, which is the highest percentage of any region in America. The Northwest is a true "post Christian culture," meaning that Christianity and the gospel have little influence on the culture. Some Christians have found this frustrating or intimidating; others find it a stimulating, wide-open mission field. God-called and God-gifted church planters are invigorated by this missions challenge.

The Northwest Baptist Convention helps facilitate and assist church starting in Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho.

We facilitate church starting working as partners with local associations and churches.

We assist church planting by helping:

Recruit those called by God to start churches
Train new church planters in the basics of church starting
Develop a support network for church planters, including a mentor, supervisor, and partnering churches
Develop a relevant and effective strategy for each new church start
Provide appropriate financial assistance for each church start

Church Planting
It is our desire that together we can determine if a church planting partnership between you and the Northwest Baptist Convention might be appropriate. In this packet you will find the materials to assist you in your application and assessment process. Please follow the instructions on the Church Planter Application.

Prompt response by you and your references is essential for a timely assessment. A minimum of five returned reference forms is necessary for completing the assessment process. Therefore, I suggest making seven copies of the attached reference form and sending it to seven references to ensure that at least five reply. Along with each reference form, send a reply envelope addressed in the manner indicated on the reference form.

After we receive your application, references, and other requested materials, an assigned assessor, or I, will review the materials. Following the review, if appropriate you will be contacted for a phone interview. After the phone interview if appropriate, a four-hour, in-person assessment interview will be scheduled.

When this entire assessment process is complete, we will determine if we can move to the next step in partnering together in planting a church. Our assessment process is not intended to interpret God’s calling for your life, but rather to help us determine if it would be appropriate for us to partner with you.

This process is intense but necessary to help us move toward effective church planting that best utilizes the gifts and abilities of those who will be involved in this most challenging of callings. Your prayers and participation are greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this process.

Church Planter Application